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Jon: What is the probability of a dealer busting when he has 16 in a game of blackjack in an eight deck show (the dealer must hit on 16 and below)?

Linda: An Altavista search for "blackjack" led to

John: In a non-base ten system, what would numbers like pi and e look like?

Cullen: The Dr. Math FAQ on number bases links to

Don: A man has three boxes of coins; one with dimes only, one with nickels only, and one with nickels and dimes mixed. However, the labels on all three boxes are wrong. Choosing only one coin from one of the boxes, how can you rearrange the labels to the correct boxes?

Richard: searching the Dr. Math archives on "label mix correct" and then just "label correct" pulled up no results and too many irrelevant results, respectively, so I browsed through the Middle School Word Problems until I found a similar problem. Judy went on to adapt Don's puzzle for the forthcoming 30 August, 1999 Middle School Problem of the Week.

Walt: You have a golf ball and a ping-pong ball that are the same size in diameter, and a ten foot board. Lean the board against a wall at a 45 degree angle. If both balls were allowed to roll down the board at the same time from the same point, which would reach the ground first -- or would they reach at the same time?

Don browsed through the physics and other categories of the Dr. Math archives, then submitted the question to the Ask Dr. Math service. Doctor Douglas replied a few days later.

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how to save them onto a floppy disk

  1. In the Macintosh operating system, go to the finder: click in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and release on "Finder," illustrated by the two-tone Macintosh smiley face (in the Windows environment, click in the lower left-hand corner of the screen to raise the "Start" menu)
  2. Pull down the "File" menu, and let go on "Find..."
  3. Type "bookmarks" (just the words, not the quotes), then hit the "find" button
  4. In the results, click on the "date modified" column so that the various bookmark files arrange in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent -- the one you have been adding to
  5. Click the most recently modified bookmarks file and drag it onto the floppy disk icon (if you haven't already inserted the disk, do so now)
    In some versions of some browsers, you can actually "import" or "export" bookmarks from the browser's "File" pull-down menu.

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