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Area and Perimeter Model, by Ellen Massey and Jill Vinke
Using this spreadsheet model, a student will be able to compare the relationships between area and perimeter of a rectangle, right triangle, and a circle. The student can discover these relationships by changing a dimension of the object and seeing how both area and perimeter change.

Clock Investigation: Angles, by Jon Basden
A two-period lesson plan in which students think through the process of determining how many times in a 24 hour period the hands of a clock will form a right angle.

Chi-Square, a lesson on accidents at a factory, by Amar Patel
This is a lesson about statistics, in particular the chi-square statistic. The material in this lesson will enable you to be able to understand statistical terms such as expectation, significance, and chi-square.

Immigrants: The Irish Experience in Boston 1840 and The Immigrants' Experience Today, by Richard Levine
An integrated social studies, English, math and science unit for middle and high school students that uses computer information-gathering, word-processing, spreadsheet, and presentation applications. Students investigate the causes of emigration and the effects of immigration on people and society, using all levels of Bloom's Taxonomy and a wide variety of products.

What's the City Mileage of a Typical American Car? by Ed Malczewski
Analyze the data and find an average for the mileages of American cars.

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