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Delco CFF Math Collaoration Day
Steve Risberg, The Math Forum @ Drexel
Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Math Forum's Problems of the Week have long been recognized as an excellent online resource to supplement any math curriculum and provide students with a rich problem-solving environment. In the last two years, we've added new features that have made the program even more robust. There's additional support for teachers, and a dedicated Problem Solving and Activity Series that helps students become confident and capable problem solvers. Today we'll look at the Problem of the Week program in detail. We'll eventually be looking at the files listed at the bottom of this page, but please wait until I ask you to view one before opening it (trust me on this!). For starters, we'll consider the following scenario:

These seven congruent rectangles form a larger rectangle.

Scenario Only Activity Series
Scenario 2 Scoring Rubric
Problem Teacher Packet
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An overview of the Problem Solving and Activity Series can be found here:

And the full listing of last year's problems and series documents is here:

The Math Forum offers various online professional development opportunities. Courses and workshops cover topics from problem solving in general to effectively using the Problems of the Week and the Activity Series. Full listings and descriptions can be found on our Professional Develoment page: