Informal Professional Learning
A Personal Story

Islamic School of Seattle
Seattle, Washington
April 13, 2001

Presenter: Roya Salehi (

-Islamic School of Seattle

-Muslim Community School

-The Math Forum

Bridging Research and Practice

The BRAP project includes Math Forum staff and seven teachers who have worked together in face-to-face workshops, over email, in virtual meetings to discuss research on mathematics learning and its application to their classrooms. One focus of this project has been the development of a videopaper entitled, Encouraging Mathematical Thinking: Discourse Around a Rich Problem. Now in its third year, the participants in this project have built into this videopaper the opportunity for readers to engage them (and others) in discussion of the points they raise.

1) Initial Experiment:

Form two cylinders from a rectangular piece of paper, one by joining the long sides, one by joining the short sides. Which of these cylinders will have greater volume, or will they hold the same amount?
See it in action

Was your prediction correct? Do the two cylinders hold the same amount? Why or why not? Can we explain why they don't?

2) Second Experiment:

Are there any other cylinders that we can make from this same sheet of paper?" Which of them would hold the most? Write down your predictions."

How many other cylinders could we make from a rectangle with these same dimensions? Do you see any pattern that relates the size of the cylinder and the amounts they hold? Do your results confirm what we discovered with our physical models?


T2T is a forum in which teachers, parents, researchers and others interested in the teaching and learning of mathematics think together about questions posed. Visible levels of interaction consists of answers to participants and conversations with T2T mentors (staff and volunteer teachers); whereas invisible forms of interaction include conversations between mentors, and between lead-mentors and new mentors.

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