The Math Forum: Kentucky Workshop, Fall 1996

September 20-21, 1996 - Western Kentucky University

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Friday (a three-hour session with each group. One in the morning. One in the afternoon.)
0:00 Introductions, Review Agenda

0:15 Overview of the Internet

0:30 Small group discussions and preparation of public postings on:

0:50 Configure the web browsers. Introduce workshop web page. Explain URL.

1:10 Introduce mailing lists, newsgroups, and using the browser to read, reply, and post.

1:25 Post group reflections on opening questions (see above) to NCTM-L and read math discussion groups.

1:50 Introduce the Web and browser functions. Explain use of bookmarks. Present starting points for exploration:

2:45 Finish explorations and building of bookmark lists. Check mail and discussion groups for replies to postings. Prepare for tomorrow's posting of the first exploration results.
Saturday (a three-hour session with each group)
0:00 Read and reply to mail and newsgroup postings

0:30 Post findings and comments from the previous day's search. Steve collected some bookmarks to items not yet in our collection.

1:00 Discuss strategies for finding resources and return to explorations.

2:00 Group discussion of where we go from here.

2:30 Post final reflections on the usefulness of what was found and plans for use of the Internet. Fill out feedback form.

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