Engaging Students
A workshop designed for the Lockheed Martin Ambassadors in Moorestown, New Jersey.

Annie Fetter and Suzanne Alejandre from the Math Forum @ Drexel
Sharing Our Experiences Activity
Sharing successful and less successful experiences we've had in schools.
Debrief Group Activity
Traffic Jam Activity
How fast can you get your plastic people to change sides!
Try the Traffic Jam Applet
Traffic Jam tPoW
Where's the Math?
Traffic Jam Solutions and Reflections
Writing the Answer Algebraically
Talking About Traffic Jam
Point out the characteristics of working with students this way.
Elements of Engagement
Planning and Modifying Presentations
Plan a new idea or modify an existing presentation using any of the ideas presented today.
Wrap Up and Questions
Short reports from each group about how they will use their ideas.
Helpful Link
People Counters - ETA/Cuisenaire

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