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10 March 2K
Professional Development Session

8:30-11:00: Working with The Geometer's Sketchpad
  1. Review: Can you...?
    • construct a non-special quadrilateral, and measure its perimeter; construct and color its interior, and measure the area?
    • change and move labels; write a note in a marquee?
    • show/hide the equation of line with an action button?

  2. New Geometric Work:
    • Illustrate a few common relationships:
      • sum of the interior angles of a triangle;
      • the Pythagorean Theorem;
      • illustrate the Isosceles Triangle relationships-
        • congruent sides are opposite equal angles;
        • the perpendicular bisector of the base is also the angle bisector of the vertex angle;
      • illustrate the diagonal properties of rhombuses
      • an inscribed angle is half the measure of a central angle that subtends the same arc
    • Use and create scripts
    • Other activity ideas from Discovering Geometry

  3. Analytic Work:
    • Graphing Polynomial Equations (degree >1)
    • Graphing Other Functions (Sqrt, Abs, Sin, etc.)

  4. What More Do You Want To Know About or Do With GSP?
11:00-12:45: The Math Forum

  1. A Guided Tour for Teachers
  2. The Lucent-Rutgers Problem of the Week => /lucentpow/

12:45-1:30: Lunch

1:30-2:30: Goal Setting and Planning

  1. Specific Site and Personal Goals, Plans and Timeframes

    Sample Personal Goals
    • Create and effectively manage an active e-mail account
    • Use e-mail at least once a week, within and beyond the grant
    • Practice the use of SimCalc and/or Geometer's Sketchpad, especially as it relates to your specific content
    • Establish personal internet access
    • Practice "mining" the Web for ideas, resources, etc.
    • Where possible, integrate aspects of technology into the normal instructional practice (classroom demonstrations, use of a computer lab, including Internet research as an option for student work, etc.)

    Sample School Site Goals
    • Establish an on-site and a beyond-the-site support system or "buddy" system for tech questions or issues
    • Create a MOBILE Computer Station that can be used in the classroom; facilitate its fair use
    • Identify a core set of technology-related teacher skills
    • Identify a core set of technology-related student skills

    Planning for Goal Achievement
    • WHO needs to do WHAT by WHEN?
    • How can the grant support personnel and resources be helpful?
    • Calendarizing the NEXT STEPS …

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