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8 December 2K
Professional Development Session

Reflections on the Lucent PoW and Related Pedagogical Issues

8:30 - 11:30

  Examining Activity Generated by the Lucent Problem of the Week,
and Thinking About the Problems Themselves
  • Administrator's Report & Feedback
  • Based on this data, what can we say about students making revisions?
  • Which problems seem to have caused students the most difficulty?
    Why might that be so?
  • What mathematical content/topics are inherent in each problem?
    How do these relate to the NJ Standards?
  • How appropriate are the vocabulary and difficulty level of each problem?
  • For each problem, what might kids do (or need) to get started?
  • Future Problems & Strategies


11:30 - 12:30

  Lunch, and feel free to use this time for resource mining on the Math Forum site, as well as exploring Geometer's Sketchpad


12:30 - 2:20

  Examining Student Work, and Thinking About the Related Pedagogical Issues
  • A critical part of developing a rubric is determining what is minimally required for "credit".
    Working in groups of three or four, determine the minimal requirements for a "credit" solution to each of the L-PoWs in the packet. This establishes the boundary between credit and NO credit.
  • Compare student responses to your expected solution.
    Which of these would you identify as clearly "exemplary", clearly "insufficient", or "close to the boundary"?
  • What clues could you give to a student who's submission is close but not yet at the "credit" boundary, that would indicate a direction without "giving away" the solution.


2:20 - 2:30

  What obstacles are there to your use of the PoWs?

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