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Growing Worms
Sample Solutions


A four day old worm has 10 isoceles right triangles. A ten day old worm has 24 isoceles right triangles. A 63 day old worm from Trianglia has 128 isoceles right triangles. EXTRA: The worm would be 15 days old.

I found out that a 4 day old worm from Trianglia would have 10 isoceles right triangles. I found this out because a 1 day old had 4 triangles, a 2 day old had 6, a 3 day old had 8, so you would just follow the pattern and add 2. We found out that a 10 day old would have 24 squares. First, we doubled 4 and came up with 8 day old would be 20 squares. So if they grow 2 squares each day that would be 4 triangles. So, 20+4=24 triangles and 8+2=10 days. A 63 day old worm from Trianglia would have 128 squares because 63x2+2=12


My final score is #1 4 days old. #2 20 triangles. #3 126 triangles.

For the first problem I added 8 and 2 and got 10 triangles for a 4 day old worm. For the second problem I multiplied 10 and 2 and got 20 triangles for a 10 day old worm. For the third problem, I multiplied 63 and 2 and got 126 triangles for a 63 day old worm.

For the EXTRA I got a 30 day old worm by dividing 60 and 2 and got thirty.


You will need 10 triangles for four days, 22 triangles for 10 days and 128 triangles for 63 days. Extra: A worm made up of 60 triangles would be 29 days old. Super Extra: The rule that uses a worm's age (in number of days) to find out how many triangles it is made of is x multiplied by 2 + 2. x --> age of worm

I started out by trying to solve the super extra which would help me find the right way to solve the other questions. I started at day 1. There are 4 triangles that made up that worm on day 1. 1+3 is 4. So then i looked at day two, but 2+3 does not equal 6 which is the number of triangles the worm was made up of. then i went to multiplication. I started at day one again. 1x4 equals four. But then i went to day two and 2x4 does not equal 6. Then i tried a mixture of multiplication and addition. I took day one and started to go up the number line. I couldn't do 1x1+1 because that only equals 2. So then i did 1x2+2 and that equaled 4, which is the number of triangles for that day. Then i multiplied and added 2 to days 2 and 3 and it worked out. So then i got the answers for the first three questions and the super extra. Then for the extra I started at 10 days which was 22 triangles and I kept going up until i got to 60 triangles.

Golden Eagles

The answer is x2+2.

We figured out the answer that is x2+2 because the example worms you take the number of triangles by multipling the number x2 to the day. Also you do +2 to the triangles.


A four day worm has 10 triangles,a 10 day worm 22 triangles,and a 63 day worm 78 triangles

I saw that each day older to a worm added two triangles so when I was adding days I also added triangles.So four days makes 10 triangles,ten days 22 triangles,and 63 days 78 triangles.


4th one 10, 10th one 22, 63rd 128

I knew that the number of the worm was the number of the squares,and that each square had 2 triangles in it. I also knew that there were 1 triangle on each side of the worm.


A four year old worm is 10 triangles.A ten year old worm is 22 triangles.A 60 yeae old worm is 128 triangles.

First I drew a four year old worm and it had ten triangles.Next I drew a ten year old worm and it was 22 triangles.Then I drew a 63 year old worm and it was 128 triangles.

For the extra a 29 year old worm hs 60 triangles.

For the super extra I found out thatyou add two and then add the two together.


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