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Problem Solving, Session 1

Monday, January 9, 2012
    Valerie Klein and Max Ray, The Math Forum @ Drexel

Buying Cola Scenario -- Notice/Wonder
We talked about:
  • Our goals and why we Notice and Wonder about stories instead of giving problems to be solved.
  • Financial literacy: what is the value of eliciting and valuing student concerns about context? (e.g. should we care whether Chuck has cups for the soda?)
  • The connection to modeling and problem solving.
Air Fresheners - Notice/Wonder
Plan For Next Session
Now that we've discussed launching problems to gauge students' concerns, current understanding, and engagement, what's next?
  • What math could we cover using this scenario? (We'll offer three different levels.)
  • What other information would we need to tie this problem together for different goals/levels? How do we focus the math on our goals?
  • What are all of the mathematical concepts in the Buying Cola scenario?
  • Where else can we find or how can we generate more examples from everyday life (especially consumer/financial topics)?
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Noticings/Wonderings Student Handout
Pizza Scenario Notice/Wonder
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