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Monday, November 1, 2010
    Suzanne Alejandre, The Math Forum @ Drexel

Problem solving and critical thinking in our K-12 classrooms.
Sample: Eating Grapes
scenario only || problem
Learner and also Teacher
What does it mean to "learn to learn"? What does it mean to teach "learning to learn"? How do you assess it? How do you know the differences?
Group Work
Boxes of Cereal: scenario only
Cutting Corners: scenario only
Fitting In: scenario only
How Fast Is a Minute?: scenario only
Math Club Field Trip: scenario only
My Three Dogs: scenario only
Riz's Route: scenario only
Splash!: scenario only
Tied in Knots: scenario only
What's the Difference: scenario only
Wheels R Us: scenario only
Group Presentations
Our Mathematics and/or Science Classrooms
How can these ideas be applied to problems and/or activities we are already using in our K-12 classrooms?
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