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National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)
44th Annual Conference
Philadelphia, PA, April 25, 2012

Ever wondered what the Math Forum is all about? What makes us passionate? What IGNITES us? Now you can find out! Three of us spoke at Key Curriculum's Ignite event at NCSM and the videos are now available. Our talks are numbers 4, 5, and 6 in the playlist, and they are all worth watching! See how well we do with 20 PowerPoint slides advancing every 15 seconds, whether we're ready or not.

photographs by Kaytee Riek

Annie Fetter: The Teacher I Would Have Been
download slides [pdf]
read/comment on Annie's blog: Ignite: The Teacher I Would Have Been #ncsm12

Steve Weimar: What Do We "No"?
download slides [pdf]
read/comment on Key's blog: Saying YES to thinking...
Max Ray: Fun With Trig Identities
download slides [pdf]
read/comment on The Max Ray Blog
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Max Ray: Why 2 > 4: A Proof by Induction
Annie Fetter: Ever Wonder What They'd Notice?
Steve Weimar: Why Did You Do That?
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