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Meet the ....
At any given hour, a variety of Math Forum employees will staff the Math Forum booth. In addition, to help you plan your time at the conference, we've scheduled these individuals to meet with you:

  Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00-10:00 Richard Tchen
& Lynne Steuerle
Judy Ann Brown
MidPoW Administrator
10:00-11:00 Annie Fetter
GeoPoW Administrator
Suzanne Alejandre
Web Units & Lessons
Mary Lou Derwent
& Gail Englert
T2T Associates
11:00-12:00 Lisa Lavelle
ElemPoW Administrator
Kristina Lasher
T2T Coordinator
Jo Ann Fricker
Math Forum Associate
12:00-1:00 Frank Wattenberg
Director of The Math Forum
Ian Underwood
Dr. Math Administrator
1:00-2:00 Roya Salehi
BRAP Project Manager
Leigh Nataro
Trig/Calc & Discrete Math PoW Administrator
2:00-3:00 Sheldon Berman
Manager of School Operations
Jody Underwood
ESCOTPoW Administrator


Math Forum - Problems of the Week, Volume 1
We are proud to announce that our first volume of the Problems of the Week will be on sale at the Math Forum booth (#2002).

There are six different sections available taken from the six Problems of the Week (Elementary, Middle School, Algebra, Geometry, Trig/Calculus, Discrete Math) from the 1999-2000 school year.

Each section has:
  • a table of contents with annotations
  • twenty problems in print-ready format
  • an answer key with URLs pointing to the full archived answer on the Math Forum site.
Sections can be mixed and matched in a three-hole binder with introductory pages.

five or six sections = $20.00
four sections = $19.00
three sections = $15.00
two sections = $11.00
one section = $7.00


Problem of the Conference Day
Visit our booth to solve a different non-routine math word problem every day. Every hour, we'll randomly draw a submission for that Problem of the Conference Day. If you wrote it -- solving the problem correctly and explaining it well -- we'll give you a Math Forum T-shirt.


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