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Enhancing Mathematical Communication Using Problems of the Week from the Math Forum @ Drexel

by Annie Fetter
Problem of the Week Diety
at The Math Forum @ Drexel
Session #927, Casanova 604, Venetian
NCTM's Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada
April 24, 2000, 9:30 - 10:30a

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    An Example of a "Regular" PoW - The Discrete Math PoW
    Our elementary, discrete, and trig/calculus problems use our "old" format, in which students are presented with a problem and they submit an answer. They'll probably hear back from a mentor, but otherwise will need to wait until the sample solutions are posted to see if they're right.

    The Current "State of the PoWs"
    We are accepting submissions from everyone, but we don't promise to mentor every submission. We have more information about this on our PoW Status page.

    Using Our New "Self-Guided" PoWs - The Geometry PoW
    After submitting a solution to one of these problems, students can get hints, check their answers, or even view complete solutions to which they can compare their own. We're working on helping students understand how they might best use these resources to improve their problem solving and writing skills.

    Here are a few examples of self-guided problems we've used and their supporting resources:

    Algebra PoW - Kittens
    Geometry PoW - Point P Perambulates
    Middle School PoW - Counting Chicken Wings

    The Problem of the Week Archives
    Dating back to 1993, there are plenty of problems to use on every topic, listed for each problem chronologically.

    The Problem of the Week Library
    In the archives, you might find problems you like. In the Problems Library, you can actually find what you want pretty easily, by level and by topic. I'll also talk about what the library might look like in the fall.

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