Frustrated by Searching the Internet for Education Resources? We Can Help!

NCTM Anaheim, April 7, 2005
Steve Risberg and Claire Mead, the Math Forum @ Drexel,

As math educators, there are a variety of things we might want to try to find on the Internet. The Math Forum is a great place to start searching for many of them, including...

Answers to Math Questions
What's up with pi? Who thought of that?
Can you explain domain and range of functions?

Interactive Resources that Enhance Teaching and Learning in the Classroom
Why does sin(2x) have a different period than sin(x)?
Are there games my students would like that practice skills?

Problems for Classroom Use
Where can I find problems for my students to try?
Are there other problems on the site besides the current Problems of the Week?

Lesson Plans and Activities
Where can I find effective lessons?
How can I share good lessons I've created?

General Math Resources
How can I find useful sites on the web?
How can I suggest a useful web site for others?

Other Typical Questions
How can I find effective methods of teaching a particular topic?
What do others think of textbook or curriculum choices?

The Math Forum offers a variety of services which will help you start tapping into the vast resources on the Internet. Come help us build and sustain a worldwide community of individuals who share a passion for math and math education.