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Our Math Tools service is a community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics. Resources are categorized by course and topic as well as by resource type and technology type.

Note that for Java applets to run correctly you must be using a Java-enabled browser. Internet Explorer seems to do a good job with most of the applets.

Why does sin(2x) have a different period than sin(x)?

I'm a PreCalc teacher looking at trig functions, and want to be able to dynamically show my class how multiplying the angle before taking the sine results in a period change. I sign in to Math Tools, select "Trigonometry" as a Course, then "Trig Functions" as a Topic, and "Graphs of Functions" as a Sub-Topic. Under Resources I choose "Tools" and under Technology Types I choose "Java Applets". I then click on "Go". I read the descriptions of the various tools that come up, and then decide to take a look at The Graph of y = sin ax.

Are there games my students would like that practice skills?

I'm a 7th grade teacher, and we've been working on operations with integers. I want a game that my kids will enjoy and that will give them good practice. I sign in to Math Tools, select Math 7 and Integers as a Topic, choose Tools and Java Applets, then click "Go". I read the descriptions and decide to try Arithmetic Four.

What else is in Math Tools?

In addition to the tools themselves, there are lesson plans and activities, and discussion groups to talk about math, pedagogy, and other educational topics. You can learn a lot more about Math Tools by checking out our Getting Started page.

Finally, the Math Tools Newsletter is published once a month. You can read it on the site or sign up to have it emailed to you. The newsletter contains featured tools and resources, general announcements, and anything else that's going on in Math Tools.

Math Tools is a community library, and as with any library, it's only as good as what's on the shelves. There are a vast number of useful technology applets and other snippets out there, and the goal of Math Tools is to make them easy to find. We strongly encourage you to submit your own materials or to notify us of anything you find out there that you'd like to share with others. That's how a community grows.

We strongly encourage you to register for Math Tools, which you can do by following the link in the upper left corner of the home page. Registering is free and easy, and it gives you lots of additional services within Math Tools, such as marking your favorites to make them easy to find in the future.

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