What is the Online Mentoring Project

The Online Mentoring Project (OMP):

  • allows a real-world experience for college and graduate students without leaving the classroom.
  • is a dynamic online curriculum unit that leads to mentoring actual students solving real challenge problems in an asynchronous environment.
  • provides an opportunity for preservice teachers to learn rubric assessment, improve their writing and communication about math, and learn to give feedback to students on their problem solving.

Research on OMP:

By several measures, the Online Mentoring Project has been successful. Research suggests that use of the OMP contributed to undergraduates' positive attitudes about doing math and about working with K-12 students as they do math.

After using the OMP, the pre-service teachers indicated that they felt much more confidant about eventually working with their own pupils on math and with technology.

As one student said,

"In fact, I have learned that the answer is not the most important aspect. How an answer is arrived at and how it is verified will tell much about how a student actually understands a problem. I am now much more confident to move closer to being a teacher after this experience."
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