Problems of the Week: Scoring

We look for good problem solving and strong mathematical communication when reading submissions to our Problems of the Week. Your solution should include enough information to help another student understand the steps that you took and the decisions that you made in solving the problem.

Submissions are scored using the following categories:

Problem Solving
  • Interpretation: interpret the problem correctly and attempt to solve all of the parts.
  • Strategy: pick a good strategy and apply it well - achieve success through skill instead of luck.
  • Accuracy: get the calculations and details correct, including writing correct statements and equations.
  • Completeness: explain all the steps taken to solve the problem.
  • Clarity: explain the steps in such a way that a fellow student would understand, and make an effort to check formatting, vocabulary, and spelling.
  • Reflection: check the answer, reflect on its reasonableness, summarize the process, and connect it to prior knowledge and experience.

Submissions are scored using four levels of performance.

Novice - "Just starting out"
Apprentice - "On the right track, but not quite there"
Practitioner - "Got it"
Expert - "Wow! Above expectations in some way"