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Annie, Steve, Suzanne

Table at NCSM

Cynthia, Riz, Claire

Booth at NCTM


The links below are to the printed matter distributed at the booth in PDF format.

The Math Forum: People Learning Math Together - MathForumCatalog0607.pdf
About the Math Forum - generalflyer.pdf
Current PoWs
The problems that were "current" at NCTM, with the accompanying rubric and abbreviated Teacher Suppport page on the back:
    Math Fundamentals: funpow.pdf
    Pre-Algebra: prealgpow.pdf
    Algebra: algpow.pdf
    Geometry: geopow.pdf
Folding the Forum Logo - fractallogo.pdf
Online Math Opportunity for Low-Income Students - cooke.pdf
Online Mentoring Project at a Glance - omp.pdf
Online Workshops for Teachers of Grades 3-5 AND Grades 5-9 - nsdlmsft.pdf
PowerPoint Presentation - nctm2007.ppt
PoW Process and Scoring Guidelines - processrubric.pdf
Samples of Our Problems - samplepowsall.pdf
Take Dr. Math With You! - drmath.handout.pdf
The Impact of The Math Forum's Problem(s) of the Week on Students' Mathematical Thinking - Renninger2000.pdf
Virtual Math Teams @ The Math Forum - vmt.pdf
Writing to Develop Understanding: The Math Forum @ Drexel's PoWs - communicator.article.dec.2006.pdf

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