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The Math Forum's tPoWs: Using a Variety of Mathematical Representations
presented by Suzanne Alejandre & Cynthia Lanius

NCTM 2007 Annual Meeting and Exposition
Mathematics: Representing the Future

Session 570 in Atlanta, Georgia
Friday, March 23, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm
Georgia World Congress Center - B401

What is a tPoW?
What is Math Tools?
Provide the history of the Math Forum's Problems of the Week and the ESCOT (Educational Software Components of Tomorrow) project.
Balloon Booths
Let's do math!
Scale the size of a hot air balloon so you can make it fit through a narrow passage and hit a nail to pop it.
Looking at student work
What questions can we ask to further students' mathematical thinking?
Using tPoWs in your classroom
Maximizing the impact of reflection and revision through technology and representation.
Let's do math!
Tell how a runner's step size predicts the time it takes to run from the building to the tree.
Looking at teacher discussion
Teachers exploring the math together.
Using tPoWs in your classroom
Samples of teachers' plans for the classroom.
An Invitation to Join Us
Online Teacher Workshops: Grades 5-9:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning
Teachers will explore how technology can help students build algebraic reasoning as they model and solve contextualized problems using a variety of representations, including graphs, tables, equations, and words.
Online Teacher Workshops: Grades 3-5:
Tools for Building Math Concepts
This workshop sponsored by Microsoft Corporation introduces the use of computers to develop understanding in these areas through the exploration of patterns and analysis of data.
Resources to Browse with Internet Access:
List of Technology Problems of the Week (free access)
Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs) are problem-solving challenges modeled on our Problems of the Week that take advantage of interactive mathematics tools such as Java applets, Geometer's Sketchpad, Fathom, or spreadsheets. Students are invited to use the link "Submit your answer" to share their solutions, and then "self-mentor" using specially designed hints, checks, and suggestions for extensions.
Math Forum Problems of the Week Trial Class Account:
Free 21 day access to Write Math with the Math Forum, the Problems of the Week Library, and the Current Problems of the Week.

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