An Online Workshop Explores Tools for Building Crucial Elementary Math Concepts

Session 288, NCTM 2008, Salt Lake City, Utah
Annie Fetter, The Math Forum @ Drexel
Thursday, April 10

Download the Handout (PDF)
Note that there are three different pages included for the Pool
investigation, so that you can create three different handouts.

All links to applets take you through the Math Forum's Math Tools site by showing you the "card catalog"
entry for that applet. Just click on the title to get to the applet itself.

Frog Farming

Cassandra and her brother Craig want to raise frogs in their back yard.

Pool Investigations

How many hits does it take to sink the ball for different sized tables?

Balloon Booths

Make the balloon small enough to fit between the walls, but still big enough to be POPPED!


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