Increase the Odds That Your Students Will Be
Excited About Probability and Data Analysis

NCTM Salt Lake City, April 11, 2008
Steve Risberg, The Math Forum @ Drexel

How do you engage your students in learning mathematics? A classroom that centers on interactive activities and experiments, challenging problems, and ample opportunity to talk, write, and share ideas gets kids excited about and involved in their own learning.

In this session you will be introduced to the Math Forum website and explore the resources and services that can help you find useful technology, pose strong questions, and use non-routine, open-ended problems to engage your students in probability, data analysis, or any math topic.

Math Forum Home Page

Our main services are linked directly from this page. They can also be found, along with other related services, by using the tabs at the top of the page.

Math Tools

Looking for interactive activities to bring the concepts of probability and data analysis to life?

Math Tools is a community library of technology tools, lessons, activities, and support materials for teaching and learning mathematics. Fully catalogued by course, topic, resource, and technology type, Math Tools provides one-stop convenience to help you find interesting and useful materials for your classroom and students.

Ask Dr. Math

Want to challenge your students to do some research on probability or data analysis topics? Looking for good questions to pose? Need an answer yourself?

One of our most widely known and used services, Ask Dr. Math is an ask-an-expert program in which math questions at all levels are submitted to our volunteer doctors. A searchable archive of questions and answers is catalogued by course level and topic, and there are special sections for Selected Answers, Classic Problems and Frequently Asked Questions.

Problems of the Week Library

Need some good non-routine problems on data analysis and probability?

For the past fourteen years, the Math Forum has published Problems of the Week in a variety of topic areas. Those problems are compiled in our Problems Library. Each problem includes a solution page with comments and examples of actual student solutions that were submitted, and many of them also include a teacher support page that contains links to topics relevant to the problem both on our site and elsewhere on the Internet. Access to the library does require purchasing a membership. In addition to the Library, we host links to other problems on the Internet, including our own Technology Problem of the Week.


Want to bounce ideas off other teachers?

Similar to Ask Dr. Math but intended for pedagogical and educational questions and discussions about teaching math rather than pure math questions, Teacher2Teacher features Frequently Asked Questions, discussions archived by grade level and topic, and a Teacher's Lounge where the most current discussions take place.

The Math Forum offers these and other services and resources that will help you engage your students in learning mathematics. Come help us build and sustain a worldwide community of individuals who share a passion for math and math education.