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stella Watch our VIDEO stella
taken at the DC booth -- what teachers are saying about the Math Forum!

Miki, our NCSM grand prize winner, and Annie

Doing math at the NCTM booth

Hope and Mai

Holly, Annie, and Michelle

Riz, booth visitor, and Barbara


The links below are to the printed matter distributed at the booth in PDF format.

About the Math Forum - mathforum_generalflyer.2009.pdf
Professional Development Program
Math Forum Customized and Online Programs
Britannica and The Math Forum @ Drexel to Provide Professional Development for Math in Context
    press release from April 23, 2009
Graduate Programs in Mathematics Education
What are the Problems of the Week and Why Should I Use Them?
Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series
Problems of the Week

Math Fundamentals
    Problems: She Counts Seashells || Sports Weigh In
    Packets for Teachers: She Counts Seashells || Sports Weigh In
    Activity Series: She Counts Seashells || Sports Weigh In

    Problems: Bartering for Bananas || Suli's Sense
    Packets for Teachers: Bartering for Bananas || Suli's Sense
    Activity Series: Bartering for Bananas || Suli's Sense

    Problems: The Bouncing Ball || Field Trip
    Packets for Teachers: The Bouncing Ball || Field Trip
    Activity Series: The Bouncing Ball || Field Trip

    Problems: Regional Ratios || Flying High
    Packets for Teachers: Regional Ratios || Flying High
    Activity Series: Regional Ratios || Flying High

Samples of Our Problems - samplepowsall.pdf
Online Mentoring Project at a Glance - omp2009.pdf
Writing to Develop Understanding: The Math Forum @ Drexel's PoWs
Problems of the Week Engage Students with Special Needs
The Impact of The Math Forum's Problem(s) of the Week on Students' Mathematical Thinking
Folding the Forum Logo - fractallogo.pdf
Take Dr. Math With You! - drmath.handout.pdf

Annie and visitors


Lillian and Kristina






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