Using Screen-Capture Movies to Assess Quadrilateral Constructions in Sketchpad

Annie Fetter, The Math Forum @ Drexel
(along with Christina Foran, Tennessee School for the Deaf in an unseen supporting role)

[contact info available in the handout]

NCSM 2011 Annual Meeting, Session 227 - all of the Math Forum's presentations and more

In the online master's class I teach focused on using Sketchpad in grades 6 to calculus, my students make movies to record their interactions with the technology. I've since supported my students' implementation of videos to document and assess their own students' work. We'll focus on examples featuring quadrilateral constructions.

Download the augmented session handout

Get the instructions for downloading, installing, and using Jing to make screen-capture videos

View the movies shown during the talk, which will be available here as soon as I get permission from everyone to share!