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July 22-26, 1996 - Watertown, Massachusetts

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Ann Collins

Address:Meadowbrook Rd.,
Newton, Ma., 02161
Phone: 617-552-7409
School: Brown middle school

what would you like to know?
I have been teaching for 16 years. I love 8th graders but enjoy working with 7th and 9th grade students as well. I am always looking for hands on projects to do in the class room. I hate repeating my self so I try to do things in new and inproved ways.

I am now involved in the Palms program for leader teachers out of Northeastrrn. the workshops are the best going. i always walk away with lots hands on ideas.

If you want to get me talking ask about my children and or husband.
I have 10 year old twins and a 5 year old. They are all girls and wonderful to be with.
If you dont like talking about kids try soccer or windsurfing. I also make jewelry and lots of other crafts.

this has been fun but i have talked about me enough lets move on....

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