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Writing and Uploading a Web Page


How do I write a Web page?

The easiest way to write your own page is to start with a page that already exists on the Web. Of course you could also start a file from scratch, particularly if you're already familiar with the basic tags in HTML, but using a template is a useful and perfectly respectable habit to form.

A Web page is simply a text file, which means you can compose them in your favorite word processor or text editor. The only requirements for Web pages is that you name them with the suffix .html, and that you use HTML for all formatting, images, and links to other pages. HTML is HyperText Markup Language, and it consists of a number of tags that tell a Web browser how to present your page.

Enough background information - here's what you need to do:

How do I make it available to the rest of the world?

So you've got this great Web page on your personal computer. You're able to view it in Netscape by telling it to go get it from your local hard-drive. However, unless you're a server, nobody else can access this page. You need to upload your file to the Forum Web server.

It is possible to Netscape to upload to the Forum. To do so, go to the page Select browse, and find the file to be uploaded. Double click on it. It's name should appear in the "file to upload" field. If it all looks alright, press "Upload File". Since this page was designed for this workshop, this puts your page right into the directory workshops/nsn96/.

Using Netscape is only good for the first time you upload a file with a given name. To update or replace it, you'll want to use another ftp client. If you find one you like, you can always use it, and never bother with the Netscape page. Here's how to use the ftp client called Fetch:

That's it. Any questions?

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