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July 22-26, 1996 - Watertown, Massachusetts

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Address: 1 Concord Rd.
Phone: 617926774
School: Hosmer

I am a primary teacher in the Watertown Public Schools.I taught kindergarten for many years,and for the last five years I have had a multiage class ...K-1-2. The children enter at the kindergarten level and stay with me for three years.

I was born and grew up in Watertown,have lived in many other communities....and recently moved back to Watertown.

I love to travel and do so as often as I can.I have taken courses abroad,investigated school systems throughout Europe ,the British Isles, and Australia.

My sister and I have rented a house in Ireland this summer,and I am looking forward to it .A few years ago,I took a course in Irish history at University College in Galway. For anyone who has Irish roots or is interested in the history of Ireland,I strongly urge you to look into signing up.

I am also looking forward to the rest of this we do more with the internet.Last year our class followed the Concordia,a large sailing vessel sailing out of Vancouver.The sailors are high school students from various parts of the world who sign up for a year, or part of a year,and have that school year on the high seas. We kept in daily contact with them via the internet.We read the student's journals,saw the captain's log daily,read the weather reports,followed their progress on the map,and many other neat projects.The ship sailed into Boston in June of that year,andour class attended a large celebration at the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston. The students got to meet the authors of the journals and the captain of the Concordia,and were able to question them about their experience.It was a wonderful experience for us all,and some of the children have already mailed their applications.

I have found the Internet to be a great resource for trips.This past Fall I went to London for the weekend,and found a great deal of information on the Internet for places to stay and shows that were available.

Needless to say,I have a lot of up to date info on Ireland.

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