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Daily Summary - Tuesday

Tuesday began with Connections, at 8:30. Connections is a time for the group to gather in a different way, away from the computers and without the structure of ordinary conversational settings. The time is normally spent largely in silent thought and reflection, although participants are invited to speak whenever they have something to share. This group used this Connections to give voice to their reactions to the first day's pace, style and activities.

After Steve addressed some of the issues that came up in Connections, we headed into the lab. The first hour was spent reviewing Eudora, checking mail and exploring the Web. Then we moved on to finishing our pages we had started a day earlier. Annie explained how to put our pictures on the pages, and we reviewed the process of pasting our biographies into the body of the page. All that was left was to upload the files to the Forum computer.

The first method for uploading a file was to use Netscape's upload capabilities. The Forum staff prepared a Web page that automatically sent any page you identify on your hard drive to the nsn96 directory on Forum. As easy as this was, it was important to also learn how to use a more general ftp client, Fetch. Fetch can be used to upload or download ("put" or "get") files to/from a foreign host.

A few people had a chance to do a little more exploration on the Web before lunch. In particular, Steve pointed them to a page of links to examples of quality math education sites on the Internet:

After lunch, we did our first activity with the software program called Bounce. These sessions are being written up seperately.

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