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Current versions of Macintosh software that we use are listed below. We use the site VersionTracker to keep up with the latest. We have a modest list of PC versions of the software. Choosing any of these applications from the following list will connect you to the distributor of the software. The Math Forum Library has many links to software.

Most Macintosh browsers are set to use StuffIt Expander to unpack compressed (.sit,.sea) and binhexed files (.hqx). If you do not have StuffIt then you need to get it first before trying to download the other software offered here. This can be a problem, because how can you get StuffIt Expander if you need StuffIt Expander to unpack whatever you retrieve? We have special instructions for getting StuffIt Expander the first time.

Email and News

We tend to use Eudora and NewsWatcher for our email and news applications.

FTP and Gopher

Fetch may be the most straightforward of the FTP utilities. Anarchie is well integrated into the web and it provides access to Archie searches of FTP sites. If you want to be an FTP or Web server try NetPresenz. There are many new FTP clients that are worth considering. Try

Web Browsing

The race continues and we offer access to both Netscape and Internet Explorer. ICab is a new entrant in the race. Explorer can use Apple's Java engine and appears to do Java better. There are instructions for setting helper applications for those who would like to set their browsers to automatically launch the appropriate programs, for instance enabling the browser to launch GSP when it encounters a sketch (although we haven't written these for Microsoft's browser yet).
Netscape Communicator 4.7.2 (PPC,13.5 MB)

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 (PPC)

Other Browsers: ICab (1.1 MB)

Web Helper Applications

Netscape, MacWeb and Mosaic come configured to use the applications (you can also add your own helpers). As explained above, StuffIt Expander is used to decode archived files. You can get the latest version here but see the instructions at the top if you don't have a version already.


Nifty Telnet is a fast, secure client.

Other Useful Applications

Go Click is a printer driver akin to LaserWriter except that when you select it via the Chooser and print from an application, the document is converted to HTML instead of actually being printed. BBEdit is useful if you want to do extensive HTML coding. clip2gif converts pictures into the gif and jpeg formats common on the WWW. GifBuilder makes it easy to animate gifs. GraphicConverter is a powerful tool for editing graphic files and converting them from one file format to another.

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