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Problems of the Week -
The Problems of the Week are designed to challenge students with non-routine problems and to encourage them to clearly communicate their solutions. There are Elementary, Middle School, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry & Calculus, and Discrete Mathematics Problems of the Week. The Problem of the week is a mentored environment in which students submit solutions to a math challenge. Each submission is responded to by a mentor.

Problem Schedule

The schedule for each problem includes a preview period, 8 days for student submissions, 3 additional days for revisions, a posting of sample solutions, and the complete solution archive. There is a link on the bottom of each main problem page to the calendar for that specific problem.


Archive of Past Problems

In the archives you will find a wealth of problems. For each problem there are highlighted student solutions which show different approaches for solving the problem. Comments from the lead mentors or problem administrator highlight student solutions that illustrate different methods of solving the problem, and discuss common errors made by students. The archive can be searched to find problems with a specific content.

Teacher Accounts -

Teachers using the Problems of the Week in a classroom can request an office account to access information on the status of their students' submissions, including names, class, date of last post, number of submissions, number correct, bonus points and total points. An example of a teacher's view is shown below.
  Name Class Last Post Submissions Correct Bonus Points
[view] Stephanie Abott 1st Period Mr. Jones 03/11/00 3 2 1 2.5
[view] Ronald Jones 3rd Period Mrs. Stone 03/06/00 4 4 3 5.5
[view] Javiel Peterson 4th Period Ms. Anderson 02/28/00 2 2 1 2.5
[view] The Magnificent Multiples Mr. Jones 1st Period 02/10/00 6 3 1 3.5


The Current Geometry POW: Area of a Rectangle - posted March 20, 2000

ABCD is a rectangle. Find the area of ABCD, and be sure to explain how you did it!

If you're feeling really creative, you might try to find two completely separate ways of solving this problem, and we might give you bonus credit.

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