Philadelphia USP
Middle Grades Small Learning Community Teacher Leaders
7th & 8th Grade Teacher Leaders
March 10, 2001

Shelly Berman & Suzanne Alejandre

About The Math Forum

We hope to connect with three different sets of people today:
  • Middle School SLC Leaders that attended the February 10th workshop,
  • Middle School SLC Leaders that did NOT attend February 10th, and
  • 7th and 8th grade USP Teacher Learders.
We intend to spend the first part of today's session giving an introductory tour to those who did not have it; those that did attend last month will work with Suzanne to explore a specific middle school lesson aligned to the NCTM Standards.

We will spend the second half of the session doing some mathematics, and searching for specific mathematics content that is targeted to your identified needs.

  Meeting us for the first time?
      Please follow this link to the Math Forum Tour.

  Were you with us last time?
      Please follow this link to work on Suzanne's lesson: Traffic Jam Activity.

During the second half of the session, we will explore ways to use the Math Forum to search for mathematics content on the Internet.

To make this most relevent to your particular situation, please take a moment to think of and record 2 or 3 mathematical topics or issues that you are currently working on with students, or will work on before the year is up.

You can use the section from the Math Forum Tour which is duplicated below as a point of departure for a search for the topics you identified.

   Math Forum Searches -
We have over 300,000 pages of content, so this is quite an extensive search field. Given that ours is a full text searcher, you may want to focus a search in a specific area, or use the "that exact phase" and "complete words only" options.

Efficient searching is an art. You may find our Searching Tips and Tricks page helpful, and our Search Features page offers even more detail about such items as the "Starting Points" that are generated for many keywords and topics, and the automatic spell correction, which is often helpful. These features are the result of human efforts to make the search environment more user-friendly. We invite you to contact us to clarify any unresolved confusion or questions.

In addition to searching from the Math Forum site, you might want to use other search engines, such as Google, Ask Jeeves, or DogPile.

Let's DO some math:

   Problem #1

   Problem #2

   Problem #3

If you are willing, the Math Forum, in cooperation with the Educational Pshychology Department of Swarthmore College, would appreciate your completeing a questionnaire concerning how you find out about and use resources.

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