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   The Math Forum Home Page -

The Math Forum is an online community of teachers, students, researchers, parents, educators, and citizens at all levels who have an interest in mathematics and math education. The Math Forum has been consistently recognized as the leader in its field, and continues to provide high quality content and useful features, attracting about 4 million pageviews each month.

See: Teachers' Place: Grades 3-5 -

   Problems of the Week -

  • a Library of Problems of the Week that organizes the archives for browsing by mathematics and story topic, rates problems for difficulty level, and provides for searching by keyword.

  • a "Print This Problem" link which allows the problems to be printed with a simple "Math Forum Problem of the Week" header. This feature allows problems to be used without indicating a course or grade level.

  • the Problem of the Week Discussion group at This list has been established to facilitate conversation around the Math Forum's Problems of the Week. We invite input from teachers who have used these problems in their classrooms and from teachers who have questions concerning how they can implement the problems in their curricula.

   Internet Mathematics Library -

The Math Forum continues to collect, organize, catalog and annotate math-related web sites from diverse sources in the Internet Mathematics Library. You can search or browse through over 7,000 items in the collection, organized under the headings of Mathematics Topics, Resource Types, Mathematics Education Topics or Educational Level. "Drilling down" from a heading takes you to a set of subcategories, selected sites, and all sites in the category.

See: Late Elem.

   Ask Dr. Math -
Ask Dr. Math is an ask-an-expert service in which anyone can pose a math question at any level. A cadre of volunteer 'doctors' select and respond to problems of interest. In addition to a searchable archive of over 5,000 questions and answers, there is:

  • an Elementary Level page including archived questions and answers from a variety of topics.

  • a set of nearly 50 Frequently Asked Questions, including items about multiplying a negative by a negative, permutations and combinations, the Fibonacci sequence, Pascal's Triangle, and more

   Teacher2Teacher -
Teacher2Teacher, like a virtual teacher's lounge, is an environment in which questions are asked and opinions are shared about topics across the broad spectrum of interest to teachers, including classroom techniques, activities, resources, etc. The archive contains over 500 questions and their related discussion threads, including public discussions as issues are explored and opinions expressed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the T2T service can be accessed at

Browse - Late Elem. (3-5) in the T2T service can be accessed at

You are encouraged to join T2T to receive the Teacher2Teacher Community Update, which contains community news and related items of interest from the Math Forum. The application form is at

   Math Forum Searches -
We have over 300,000 pages of content, so this is quite an extensive search field. Given that ours is a full text searcher, you may want to focus a search in a specific area, or use the "that exact phase" and "complete words only" options.

Efficient searching is an art. You will find our Searching Tips and Tricks page helpful, and our Search Features page offers even more detail about such items as the "Starting Points" that are generated for many keywords and topics, and the automatic spell correction. These features are the result of the on-going design efforts to make the search environment more user-friendly. We invite you to contact us to clarify any unresolved confusion or questions.

   Web Units and Lessons -
The Math Forum is committed to building upon the activity of the teachers, students, and researchers who use it. The Forum provides a platform and the opportunity to share excellent resources and materials with colleagues world wide.

We are particularly pleased to highlight the work of Varnelle Moore, including three units targeted at the primary level, and Suzanne Alejandre, including lessons and activities targeted mostly at the middle school level.

   Math Forum Internet Newsletter -
Our electronic newsletter is sent out via e-mail once a week to those who subscribe, and is archived on our site. It offers tips about what we have at the Math Forum and how to find it, notes about new items on the site or on the Internet, questions and answers from services like Ask Dr. Math or the Problems of the Week, suggestions for K-12 teachers and students, and pointers to key issues in mathematics and math education.
   Discussion Groups & Projects -
The Math Forum's discussion archive include many mathematics and math education-related newsgroups, mailing lists, and Web-based discussions, such as the pow-teach discussion mentioned above, as well as math-teach, numeracy, geometry-pre-college, k12.ed.math, sci.math, etc.
   Join Us As a Contributor -
There are many ways to contribute to the Math Forum community. Beyond using the various services we provide, many people subscribe to the newsletter, participate in T2T and other discussions, and make suggestions, such as alerting us to other good materials and websites they have discovered. Others find satisfaction in sharing their content as web units or lessons, or showcasing their students' work. Many people volunteer their time and efforts to respond to T2T or Ask Dr. Math questions, while others act as mentors for one of the Problems of the Week.

In what ever ways this might work best for you, please know that you are always welcomed and invited to interact with us in our on-line math ed community center.

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