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More GSP and More Math Tools

February 13, 2004

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  Practicing with Technology

We'll set up and take down the wireless laptop lab several times during the course of the day.

  Review/reflect on Sketchpad Lessons

We'll take some time to share the experiences we've had so far this year using Sketchpad with our classes.

  Discuss demonstration Sketchpad lessons

Modeling and discussing a couple of "group" lessons, where students tackle a problem on their laptops, then have the opportunity to come to the front and show their solution on the LCD.

  Using/Adding to the Radnor Math Site

Middle School
Add Resources

  Investigating Math Tools

Review activities on the following skills that the math teachers have identified:
operations with fractions
operations with decimals
rotations and reflections
equation solving - inverse operations
multi-step equations

  Next Steps?

What next with the Math Forum? What goals do you have individually and as a department that fit in with what we're doing? How can we help you reach those goals?

Annie Fetter and Suzanne Alejandre
Send comments/questions to the presenters.

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