Adding Integers Activity
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Alignment to Radnor Township School District Mathematics Standards and Benchmarks:

Standard 1: Number and Operations Concepts
Describe, represent, and apply numbers and their relationships and estimate and computer using mental strategies, paper and pencil, and technology.
consistently and accurately add, subtract, multiply, and divide rational numbers (7)

Standard 3: Function and Algebra Concepts
Algebraically represent, model, analyze and solve mathematical and real-world problems involving paterns and functional relationships.
represent relationships with tables, graphs in the coordinate plan and verbal or symbolic rules (8)

Correlation with the MathThematics textbook:

Book 1
p. 285 "variable"
p. 510 Temperature and Integers
p. 526 Adding and Subtracting Integers

Book 2
p. 16 "variable"
p. 88 Integers and Coordinates
p. 101 Integer Addition and Subtraction
Book 3
p. 41 "variable"
p. 121 Operations with Integers

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