Radnor Middle School Mathematics Department
Friday, June 14, 2002


  A "Middle School" Introduction to the Math Forum

  Using Geometer's Sketchpad

  • Tour 1: Constructing a Square - download the Word document
  • Challenges: a rectangle, a parallelogram, a rhombus, a trapezoid, and an equilateral triangle
  • Discussion
  • Using the "Constructing an Equilateral Triangle" challenge:

  Geometer's Sketchpad Activities

    For each activity below, we've provided a link to a page that contains Standards/Benchmarks Alignment and Math Forum Resources

  • Adding Integers - Exploring Algebra, page 3
        Support Materials
  • Exploring the Properties of the Four Arithmetic Operations - Exploring Algebra, page 16
        Support Materials
  • Points "Lining Up" in the Plane - Exploring Algebra, page 37
        Support Materials
  • Similar Figures - adapted from Geometry Activities for Middle School Students, page 155
        Support Materials
  • Exploring Quadrilaterals - adapted from Geometry Activities for Middle School Students, page 89
        Support Materials
  • Graphing a Function - adapted from Math Thematics, Book 2, page 123
        Support Materials

  Planning Time
        Use a variety of resources to plan technology-based lessons including:

Download sketches for these activities

Shelly Berman, Annie Fetter & Suzanne Alejandre
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