Philadelphia Story
April 2004

November 4 Agenda

Chas and Barbara submitted a proposal to speak at the NCTM Annual Meeting in Philadephia next spring, and their proposal got accepted! Here are the details:

  District Partners with The Math Forum to Use Sketchpad in Grades 6-12

Chas Fortescue & Barbara Stitchberry -- &


  1. Show our district's Sketchpad Implementation Center, including some of the Sketchpad activities that have been chosen, adapted, aligned to Standards, and developed for our various courses and corresponding textbooks.
  2. Review the process that we went through in developing this resource.
  3. Discuss the learning of math, teaching, and technology that we did as teachers and how that is affecting our students.


Our high school had used Sketchpad in geometry courses, but our district's goal was to make Sketchpad a larger part of our students' math experience, starting in middle school. We'll share the process and results of our teachers' work with the Math Forum in developing resources to meet this goal.

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