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Alignment to Radnor Township School District Mathematics Standards and Benchmarks:

Standard 2: Geometry and Measurement Concepts
Apply the properties of one-, two- and three- dimensional geometric figures to describe, reason and solve problems about shape, size, position, and motion of objects.
model situations geometrically to formulate and solve problems (6)

Standard 3: Function and Algebra Concepts
Algebraically represent, model, analyze and solve mathematical and real-world problems involving paterns and functional relationships.
discover, describe and generalize patterns (8)
represent realationships with tables, graphs in the coordinate plane and verbal or symbolic rules (8)
analyze tables, graphs and rules to determine functional relationships (8)

Correlation with the MathThematics textbook:

Book 1
p. 2 Patterns and Sequences
p. 282 Equations and Graphs
p. 283 "ordered pair"
p. 284 "axes, coordinate grid"
p. 513 Graphing Ordered Pairs

Book 2
p. 3 Line Graphs
p. 14 Modeling Sequences
p. 92 Coordinate Graphing
p. 93 "ordered pair"
p. 95 "axes, coordinate"
p. 456 Graphs
Book 3
p. 179 Graphing Equations
p. 193 Using Equations
p. 331 Slopes and Equations of Lines
p. 468 Graphs and Functions
p. 482 Linear Equations and Problem Solving

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