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Alignment to Radnor Township School District Mathematics Standards and Benchmarks:

Standard 1: Number and Operations Concepts
Describe, represent, and apply numbers and their relationships and estimate and computer using mental strategies, paper and pencil, and technology.
Use ratios to express part-to-part and whole-to-whole relationships (7, 8)

Standard 2: Geometry and Measurement Concepts
Apply the properties of one-, two-, and three-dimensional geometric figures to describe, reason, and solve problems about shape, size, position, and motion of objects. Identify attributes, units, and systems of measurements and apply a variety of techniques, formulas, tools, and technology for determining measurements.
is familiar with assorted two-dimensional objects (7)
identify similar and congruent shapes (6)
determine and understand length (7)
recognize similarity in two-dimensional figures (8)
measure angles using appropriate units
reason proportionally in situations with similar figures

Correlation with the MathThematics textbook:

Book 1
p. 380 Exploring Ratios
p. 397 Using Ratios
p. 424 Comparing Shapes
p. 429 Measuring Angles

Book 2
p. 76 Looking at Angles
p. 313 Ratios and Proportions
p. 411 Scale Drawings and Similarity
p. 414 Unknown Measures in Similar Figures
Book 3
p. 202 Similar Figures
p. 407 Angles and Triangles

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