Equilateral Triangles Activity
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Alignment to Radnor Township School District Mathematics Standards and Benchmarks:

Standard 2: Geometry and Measurement Concepts
Apply the properties of one-, two- and three- dimensional geometric figures to describe, reason and solve problems about shape, size, position, and motion of objects.
analyze and generalize geometric patterns, such as tessellations (6)
familiarity with polygons (7)
use transformations in the coordinate plane (8)
recognize rotational and bilateral symmetry (8)

Correlation with the MathThematics textbook:

Book 1
p. 18 "triangle"
p. 80 Polygons and Line Symmetry
p. 120 Transformations
p. 461 Building with Nets

Book 2
p. 217 Constructing Triangles
p. 265 "rotational symmetry"
p. 268 "line symmetry"
p. 291 Translations
p. 410 Triangles and Similarity
p. 513 Classifying Quadrilaterals
p. 565 Tessellations
p. 573 "regular tessellation"
p. 575 "semi-regular tessellation"
Book 3
p. 241 Constructing Triangles
p. 258 Rotational Symmetry
p. 264 "line symmetry"
p. 272 Classifying Quadrilaterals
p. 280 Rational Numbers and Polygons
p. 288 "tessellation"
p. 290 Working with Triangles
p. 405 Constructing Nets
p. 511 "transformation"

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