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Agenda, November 4, 2003
12:30 - 3:25
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Greetings and residue.

  Preparing for the Problems of the Week: What is a good solution?

Part 1: Look back at Football Fanfare which you solved last month. Reread your solution and compare it to the general rubric information. Jot down the scores you think you'd get.

Part 2: Take a look at the commentary and solutions that were posted when the problem closed. We try to post both "typical" submissions and submissions that contain good examples of strategy, communication and reflection.

Archive Commentary and Solutions

  Practicing Calculations in Context: What is the math?

With a small group or partner, solve the current Math Fundamentals problem and submit a solution. Try writing an explanation that would give you Practitioner scores in both Problem Solving and Communication. Kristina will write back to you tonight.

Discuss when you might use this problem in your classroom.

The current Math Fundamentals problem, Giving with Grapefruit, is live through Sunday, November 10. Perhaps some of your students will be able to submit this week.

  Grade Level Resources

  Digging into the Active Problem Library

For this week, you can access the Active Problem Library with this login information:

username: sedelco
password: library

You can browse through the Math Fundamentals section of the library, looking for problems that are appropriate for your grade level. Work with your team to figure out with which topics/chapters you would use the problems. Teams should select different topics to spread out the work.


Please help us plan for the future by filling out this evaluation of today's session.

Annie Fetter, Suzanne Alejandre, Kristina Lasher, and Richard Tchen
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