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Agenda, November 5, 2003
1:00 - 3:25
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Introducing Richard Tchen.
You asked for more time finding resources, the right level of activities, better understanding of where to find things.

  Being mentored and revising PoWs

Check your email to find the reply Kristina sent you yesterday.

  • If you got Apprentice or Novice scores, do the comments help you understand why?
  • In what ways are the comments helpful? Not helpful? (It's harder to mentor adults who leave out details that they think are "obvious".)
  • We'll briefly discuss multiple solution methods.

  The Math Forum @ SEDelco Website

Use this link to get to all of your resources. Make it a bookmark.

  • agendas
  • Important links to the Math Forum site
  • SEDelco grade level resources
  • Links to add resources

  Finding Math Tools and Math Tools Lessons

Richard will show us how to look through the library to find tools and lessons. You can discuss the tools right on the Math Tools site.

  Finding other resources

Use the Elementary introduction to the Math Forum site to find more links to other resources.

Each service contains different types of resources. Look for Dr. Math answers in the elementary library and FAQs. Look for T2T FAQs and Teachers' Lounge discussions. Look for lesson plans and activities in the Teacher Exchange.

Ask Dr. Math -
Teacher2Teacher -
Teacher Exchange -


Please help us plan for the future by filling out this evaluation of today's session.

Annie Fetter, Suzanne Alejandre, Kristina Lasher and Richard Tchen
Send comments/questions to the presenters.

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