Connie Mark
On-line Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

Waiau Elementary

Name of city, state

Pearl City, Oahu, Hawaii

Number of students enrolled in school

over 600 students

General description of school and communities served

Waiau is situated in the suburbs of Waiau in Pearl City, with townhouses and single family dwellings around it....We are comprised of an English school and a Hawaiian Immersion school with a diverse student population of many different races....about 4 blocks toward the ocean is a mini-shopping center and a block towards the mountain is the fire station and district park. To see a little about Pearl City, check out our school webpage and click on the link Pearl City.

School's home page

Connie's home page

Next year's class assignment

Tech Coordinator for K-6

Any general bio information

Hawaii Geographic Alliance Teacher Consultant. (check out website:

Any major interest outside of education?

I like to read and sew in sparetime, if I have the time.

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