Jan Garner
On-line Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

Bellevue Christian School

Name of city, state

Bellevue, Washington

Number of students enrolled in school

about 400

General description of school and communities served

urban (technically speaking, although the community has more of a suburban feel to someone who grew up in New Jersey); racially mixed population.

School's home page


Next year's class assignment

Pre-algebra, Geometry, Math Analysis

Any major interest outside of education?

I've always enjoyed going from point A to point B by the slow, scenic route (caving, scuba diving, swamp-water canoing, depending on where I've lived). Recently, I've become more interested in the arts. Last year, I dropped in on the high school art class as often as possible during my prep period. It was very interesting, not only from the art standpoint, but also observing the art teacher's methods, and seeing a few of my students in a different setting. As time permits, I want to keep up with sketching practice.

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