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This is a list of link pages compiled to use with students to provide information on a particular mathematical topic.

It is suggested that as the students read the letters, teachers have them take notes on interesting facts and procedures that they discover. The note-taking activity could be followed by a class discussion.

It is possible that these pages could be used as an introduction to or as a review on a particular mathematical topic.

Elementary School

purple dot Fractions
       Fractions - Student Page

purple dot Multiplication
       Multiplication - Student Page

Middle School

purple dot Area/Perimeter
       Area/Perimeter - Student Page

purple dot Distance/Rate/Time
       Distance/Rate/TIme - Student Page

purple dot Number
       Number - Student Page

purple dot Probability/Fraction/Decimal/Percentages
       Probability/Fraction/Decimal/Percentages - Student Page

purple dot Statistics
       Statistics - Student Page

High School

purple dot Factoring
       Factoring - Student Page

purple dot Polyhedra
       Polyhedra - Student Page

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