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This activity is aligned to NCTM Standards - Grades 6-8: Number and Operations,
Data Analysis and Probability, and Communication
The information provided through reading the questions and answers from the Ask Dr. Math archives will provide insight into working with probability, decimals and percentages. As the students read the letters, have them take notes on interesting facts and procedures that they discover.

The Birthday Problem
Defining Probability
Generating Possible Lottery Outcomes
The History of Probability
How Probability Works
Introduction to Probability - Dr. Math FAQ
Let's Make a Deal Applet
Monty Hall Strikes Again
Pizza Probability Question
Probability of Getting your Hat Back
Probability: Let's Make a Deal
Probability Question from a Math Test
The Monty Hall Problem - Dr. Math FAQ

Mechanics - Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

Converting Fractions to Decimals
Fraction Basics
Fractions, Decimals, Percentages
Fractions: Dr. Math Questions and Answers
Percentages to or from Fractions
Teaching Percentages

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