Robert Rumppe
On-line Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

Southwest High School

Name of city, state

Minneapolis, MN

Number of students enrolled in school


General description of school and communities served

Our urban school is an International Baccalaureate magnet school and draws some of the best and brightest students from the city. We also have a significant Latino population supported through our English as a second language program. The following is taken from some online information about our school:

We Offer:
  • Rigorous courses of study for college-bound students
  • State of the art technology courses
  • Integrated arts program
  • French, German, Japanese and Spanish world languages
  • Scholarship fund available for students who wish to pursue education beyond high school
What Makes Us Special:
  • The school's strong fine arts program includes theater - with productions throughout the year - music (orchestra, jazz band, concert band and marching band) and dance.
  • Ninth grade students take English and social studies as a team which allows them to spend more time with the same group of classroom peers.
  • All advanced-level courses, including International Baccalaureate classes, are available to students after the first two years of high school.
  • Southwest's CBS (Curriculum Building Support) Program provides smaller classes in English, science, social studies and math for ninth and 10th grade students who benefit from more individualized instruction.
  • The ninth grade team takes pride in making all students feel welcome.
  • The "Freshmen Retreat" provides an opportunity for students from different schools and various backgrounds to get to know one another through team-building activities.
  • A school highlight is "Senior Projects" where seniors display their work for families and the community.

School's home page

Robert's home page

Next year's class assignment

Two sections of Honors Algebra 2 Trig., 3 Sections of geometry

Any general bio information

Summer Institute Alumnus - created a web-based quiz system which is used by students from throughout Minnesota to prepare for the Minnesota Basic Standards Exam.

I also devote a large portion of my time to MathOnline by responding to students' questions regarding their homework.

Any major interest outside of education?

I sing in the church choir, play the piano (for fun not performance), ride my bike, and think about dieting.

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