Shelly Berman
On-site Summer Institute Facilitator
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Professional Teaching Experiences:

After 30 years as teacher or Department Head in relatively rough inner city Philly high schools, I leaped from the have nots to the have a lots, to be the K-12 Supervisor in a rich suburban district. In the first year it became clear that my view about and enthusiasm for reform did not match well with the powers that be in the district. I took an early retirement to try something new.

I was fortunate to have known Gene Klotz well enough from our interactions over the years to ask if there was a chance I could sweep the floors or something over at the Math Forum. They created a position for me, under the title of Director of School Operations, that is centered around developing and implementing strategies for integrating the use of the Math Forum into school environments. In that capacity, I try to be mindful of all those with an interest in education, but I do find myself most concerned with TEACHERS' perspective. True reform can and will happen only by what they practice as they engage the students, parents and administrators with whom they interact.

Mathematical Endeavors

As far as mathematical endeavors, I am most fascinated by geometry. I have worked as a presenter for Key Curriculum Press, and designed a set of pattern blocks based on the regular pentagon that is commercially available through Cuisenaire/ETA. I hope to work with Jo Ann Fricker (from our group here) to e-publish materials on our site for using the classic pattern blocks to teach secondary level mathematics, as well as to produce a pattern block e-coloring book. Ask me if you'd like to hear more about pattern blocks.

Any major interest outside of education?

Beyond my educational pursuits, I have a strong interest in art, and my boy racer past resides in my continuing fascination with automobile stuff.

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