Shirley Scott
On-site Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP)

Name of city, state

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Number of students enrolled in school

approximately 500 students enrolled, grades 5 through 12

General description of school and communities served

GAMP is a special admissions magnet school in the School District of Philadelphia. Since it is a magnet school, it enrolls students from all areas of the city in an desegregated environment. However, many of our students are from the immediate South Philadelphia area, which is primarily Italian American. There are other populations represented (in descending order of enrollment): Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic. For the past few years, we have also had foreign exchange students (usually 2 to 5 per year)from Germany, Russia, South America, Asia.

School's home page

Next year's class assignment

Next year I will be teaching Algebra 1 (1 or 2 classes), Geometry (2 classes), Algebra 2 (1 class), and/or SAT PREP - MATH (an elective if I do not teach the 8th grade Algebra 1 class).

Any general bio information

I am a senior career teacher in the school district (which means I have dual certifications, Masters +60 credits, 10+ teaching experience). My undergraduate degree is from Temple University, and my masters degree from Beaver College. I am presently in my 27th year of teaching and my teaching experiences range from the elementary grades through high school grades. I have also taught basic algebra on the college level at Peirce College, where I have worked for over three years in the capacity of a professional tutor and, on occasion, adjunct faculty member.

Any major interest outside of education?

I am a mother of four daughters, and grandmother to two children and another grandson expected in August. I considered my role as mother and grandmother to be my greatest accomplishment, despite the challenges. Three of my daughters have completed their undergraduate degrees and are currently working in their professional fields. My youngest daughter is currently completing her 3rd year of undergraduate school.

Although I enjoy my career as an educator immensely, LIFE begins for me after the dismissal bell. I enjoy my family, friends, church activities, SHOPPING (especially a good sale), and PEOPLE, in general. I like to travel and see new places and meet new people.

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