Susan Socha
On-site Summer Institute Participant
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Name of School

McLean High School

Name of city, state

McLean, Virginia

Number of students enrolled in school


General description of school and communities served

McLean is a Washington, D.C. suburban high school with a fairly diverse population. I don't have exact numbers, but we have a large Asian population, and smaller black, Middle Eastern and Hispanic populations. The school is predominantly white. There are 109 teachers on the professional staff.

School's home page

Susan's home page

Next year's class assignment

I teach part time only. Next year, I will teach three Geometry classes to "regular" students.

Any general bio information

I am very interested in using high tech/ low tech methods to keeps students actively involved in learning. I have developed many activities for mathematics classes that are taught in the "block".

Any major interest outside of education?

I am married and have two girls, 9 and 12 who keep me very busy. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy doing things with my family and playing golf whenever I have time. I enjoy reading serious literature.

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