Suzanne Alejandre
On-site/On-line Summer Institute Facilitator
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Name of Former School

Frisbie Middle School

Name of city, state

Rialto, California

Number of students enrolled in school

1350 (6th, 7th and 8th grade)

General description of school and communities served

Please see the description in Frisbie's School Accountability Report Card.

School's home page

Suzanne's home page

Suzanne's math lesson pages

Any general bio information

Here is my job description as a new Math Forum employee:

Educational Resource and Service Developer:

Responsible for developing model online educational materials and classroom applications of Math Forum services (particularly middle school and up), supporting the data organization and expansion of online content according to classroom needs and expectations, cultivating other exemplar materials and professional development programs and integrating these into the Math Forum, recruiting and supporting participants in the Forum's Teacher Associates program, and advising educational service projects such as Ask Dr. Math and T2T with the perspective of the classroom teacher and professional developer."

Any major interest outside of education?

Moving to the Swarthmore area is my major preoccupation at the moment!

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